After working for a company that sold environmentally-friendly baby products in Sweden, I know more about the inner workings of a diaper than most people should ever need to know. I also learned and grew passionate about sustainability. During my graduate studies, I have taken courses in the Wisconsin School of Business and earned a graduate certificate in Business, Environment and Social Responsibility.

Green_Masters_CMYKI worked as the Program Director of the Wisconsin Green Masters Program from February of 2013, until August of 2014, when I moved to Sweden to conduct research for my dissertation with support from a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship and an American Scandinavian Foundation Research Fellowship. The Green Masters Program is a points-based sustainability recognition program developed jointly between the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council that works to recognize leaders in sustainable business through a survey of applied actions. Developed in 2010 by a graduate student, the program is still graduate-student run, the Green Masters Program has today recognized over 160 companies for their sustainability initiatives. The recognition program is completely free and aims to give companies on the road to sustainability a broad and comprehensive view of their sustainability actions in order to encourage businesses to identify potential areas of improvement.

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I have worked with companies such as Yumbutter to market their sustainability efforts in which we were able to place Yumbutter’s Asian Jazz Peanut Butter in’s Indie Merchant Holiday Gift Guide. To see the entire list, click here.

I have also worked with a team to produce a video highlighting the non-profit organization Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia:

Along with my work with various for-profit and non-profit companies, I have worked on growing a culture of sustainability at the university by encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration focusing on sustainability at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have teamed with faculty and staff to develop a course that incorporates sustainability issues from the humanities and from business to be offered to first-year university students. I presented a paper about my ongoing work at a conference in Copenhagen.

  • 2013 “Cross-Disciplinary Sustainability at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.” Paper delivered at the conference for Sustainability in a Scandinavian Context in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 10-11.

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